19 January 2022


信誉最好的网投十大平台 Writer Team

By the 信誉最好的网投十大平台-HPN Secretariat

2021年12月22日,在Mahidol大学萨拉亚校区Mahidol Sitthakan礼堂. Dr. Banchong Mahaisavariya, Mahidol大学校长就在新常态下推出健康Mahidol致开幕词:“Mahidol健康, the New Way'' event, together with Dr. Choltis Thirathiti, ASEAN University Network (信誉最好的网投十大平台) Executive Director, and Dr. Wiwat Rojanapithayakon, 信誉最好的网投十大平台大学健康促进网络(信誉最好的网投十大平台-HPN) Mahidol大学工作组委员会顾问作为嘉宾. Professor Dr. Phudit Techattiwat, MD, Director of the ASEAN Institute for Health Development, 信誉最好的网投十大平台-HPN秘书长、信誉最好的网投十大平台-HPN网络工作组委员会主席就活动进展情况发表讲话. initiative 
Professor Banchong Mahisavariya, President of Mahidol University, 表示,Mahidol大学大力开展了健康促进工作,并在政策和其他实践方面进行了升级. 大学首先考虑的是其员工和学生的能力,以应对当前的全球疫情. Mahidol University also focused on regional and global level ,  通过信誉最好的网投十大平台系统和基础设施框架——卫生大学框架的开发和利用. Since Covid-19 pandemic has brought changes to work and daily life patterns, leading to “New Normal” ways of life, Mahidol University recognizes the emerging concerns about technology disruption, social distancing, and work-life-balance management, etc., 并实施了多项政策和措施来帮助受疫情影响的大学人员和学生.
Dr. Choltis Dhirathiti, 信誉最好的网投十大平台 Executive Director, 表示感谢Mahidol大学成为高等教育机构中促进健康的良好榜样. The university has been playing an important role in advancing health promotion policies with a focus on environment and policy developments; such are conducive to the mission to promote a healthy body of personnel and students in the university, and ensuring continuous improvement in the university’s health promotion activities.
Dr. Wiwat Rojanapithayakorn, 信誉最好的网投十大平台-HPN执行主任的顾问说,该活动的活动证明了Mahidol大学作为信誉最好的网投十大平台-HPN的东道国在国家和区域一级促进公共卫生方面的卓越表现. 大学健康促进架构的建立,以及制订高等教育机构健康促进水平的评估标准,加强了专题网络,以及大学致力改善教育机构内每个人以及公众的健康和福祉的决心.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Phudit Tejativaddhana, M.D., Director of ASEAN Institute for Health Development, Executive Director for 信誉最好的网投十大平台-HPN, Chair of Working Group Committee strengthened the purpose of the event, 提高Mahidol大学和其他高等教育机构各级利益攸关方对健康促进活动的认识. The initiative is scheduled to be operated from December 2021 to March 2022, 由4个主要活动组成:1)“健康生活方式”活动2)“健康身体”活动,让健康成为一种新的“正常方式”3)有趣的在线教学活动4)学生零容忍区活动. The participants of these activities would include universities’ administrators, Deans, staff representatives and students from all involved departments and institutions.

此次活动的成功举办与Mahidol大学工作组委员会的大力合作密不可分, which comprises 6 faculties and institutes, including the Institute for Population and Social Research, Institute of Nutrition, Institute for Innovative Learning, Faculty of Medical Technology, Faculty of Veterinary, Human Resources Division and The Sub-Working group. Mahidol University’s administrators, students, 学生事务处及大学教职员亦是本次活动的重要支持者.